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• The restaurant will serve high quality food

 • The restaurant will serve high quality food at low prices.• .• Good and modern infrastructure of building. • An all culture themed food court with special serving techniques.• Online food ordering available with faster delivery services.•  • Chefs with ability to compose various kind of food. • Open eatery in crowdy place for their potential development.• Ample assortments of Global foods will be accessible for example Indian, Chinese, Italian, Canadian and Thai.• Listen carefully and concentrate on what they need.1. Offer discount to new customers.2. Providing good custmers service3. Some attractive Special deals once a week like a buffey just only $5.4. Offering some discount coupons.5. Proper treatment is given to the custmers.6. Should serve fresh and hygienic food.7. Special Indian foods are available at low prices with all twisted Indian spices.8. Online ordering and booking table as well9. Offer free wifi within the restaurant.10. Fresh and attractive environment with beautiful flowers.Initially plan to loss money for first six month2. Help from business line credit to run the restaurant3. Try some attractive advertisements on local newspaper4. Social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, twitter upload new events pictures)5. Ask for customers feedback 6. Should be interested in local fair and exhibitions.1. Join the local business association2. Use social media channels3. Perticipate in social or community events and give out food sample4. Hired a trained staff5. Home delivery 6. Create a traing guide for new staff7. Give satisfaction to the cutmers about reataurant as compared to others.Don’t intrupt customer when they are telling somethimgs else.2. Greet your diner’s when they are entered in reataurant.3.  4. Proper etiquette manners.1. Should be Comfortable in every language and better familier in English.2. .3. good in team work, being friendly 4. Able to manage custmers with patience , politelty and remain calm5. Always emphasize don’t blame to others.6. Know how to handle a disruptive customer7. Don’t allow that custmers wait for cusins for a long time.8. Dressed well and look personalited. For girls should be proper groomed.9. Don’t forget to thankyou for coimg.Secure funding and manage cash flow in the restaurant.2. Good use of credits3. Take simple steps to keep payroll under control4. Save money as possible as can.


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