4.2 What are the objectives in the
implementation of the CSR actions and policies?

The main objectives in implementing CSR actions for the
companies are the following; to bring (a) value to the image of the company, (b)
improve social relationships in the company. PwC Cyprus supports and promotes
the idea of Volunteering and supports the community through donations and

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PwC as a company, have implemented an environmental policy
under which the company operates in environmentally friendly manner. One of the
implementation of CSR is the impact on the (c) environment, PwC is concerned
about the environment’s wellbeing and motivates its people to adopt
eco-friendly attitude. For example, recycle of paper and batteries in all PwC
Cyprus offices and recycle of PMD in our office in Nicosia, use of double-sided
and black and white printing which have saved us 21% of paper (A Ioannou, 2018).

Furthermore, we can detect intensity and quality of (d) relationships
with their stakeholders. People in PwC Cyprus are enthusiastically getting
involved not only in local projects, but also in initiatives driven globally by
the Global Communities of PwC, thus understanding how they can positively make
a difference (PwC, 2018). The PwC Global Policy, which is based on
the IESBA Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, contains minimum
standards with which PwC member firms have agreed to comply, including
processes that are to be followed to maintain independence from clients, when

PwC is also responsible for improving the (e) skills and
productivity of the employees. All Partners and practice staff are required to
complete an annual compliance confirmation, wherefore they authorise their
compliance with all aspects of the firm’s independence policy, including their
own self-sufficiency. Moreover, all partners confirm that all non-audit
services and business relationships for which they are working and responsible,
comply with policy and that the required processes have been followed in
accepting these engagements and relationships (C Evgeniou, 2018).


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