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asha my safety net when I needed one.”

asha Schwimmer

Parenthood is an organization that provides women, no matter their economic
situation, with affordable and reliable healthcare and information necessary to
lead healthy lives. This charitable, nonprofit organization has been providing
health care for 101 years, and continues the fight to preserve the reproductive
rights and provide basic health care for women and men who can’t afford or access
it. For example, on the Planned Parenthood website, I read about Colleen, a
woman whose life was saved by healthcare providers at Planned Parenthood. Through
a self-exam, she discovered a lump in her breast; however, she was forced to
ignore it because she couldn’t afford to pay for it, as she was in-between jobs
and without health insurance. Fortunately, she discovered her local Planned
Parenthood clinic, where she was diagnosed with invasive stage two breast
cancer. She was able to receive chemotherapy, radiation, a lumpectomy, and five
years of hormone treatment at no cost. Throughout her interview, Colleen emphasized
the care and reassurance the physicians and nurses gave to her, stating,
“Planned Parenthood was my safety net when I needed one.”  If she was not given the ability to be treated
at Planned Parenthood, she may not be here today. In order to survive, Planned
Parenthood needs to receive government funding in addition to private donations,
as it provides vital health care to millions of men and women around the world.

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The primary
reason that activists argue for the government and private donors to stop
giving money to Planned Parenthood is on “ethical grounds” because abortions
are performed. However, abortions are only a small part of what is offered,
consisting of only 3% of their services.  The organization provides general preventative
health care, including vaccinations against influenza, hepatitis, and human
papilloma virus, as well as screening for cholesterol, diabetes, high blood
pressure, prostate, and breast cancer.  Additionally,
Planned Parenthood offers sexual education courses from trained clinicians and
counselors to spread awareness about the importance of safe sex, advice on marriages and parenthood, and smoking
cessation counseling. Shutting down the organization would cause an enormous number
of people to suffer, and is incredibly unfair to the people who need life-
saving vaccines, treatments, or other services they offer. In addition to being unfair to people
who can’t afford healthcare, the fight to shut down the organization is
extremely counterproductive because it might lead to more unwanted pregnancies.
The United States Agency for International Development cut off funds to the
international branch of Planned Parenthood and refused to renew a 17-year
contract with the Planned Parenthood Family Planning International Assistance
(the FPIA). However, the FPIA proved that this would actually increase
abortions in many countries because it would limit the accessibility of
contraceptives, therefore causing more unexpected pregnancies. By shutting down
Planned Parenthood, low-income patients would have no access to birth control, depriving
them of a safe, medical way to prevent accidental pregnancies and subsequently
abortions. The organization is one of the only safe and affordable ways low-income
women can receive contraceptives because
the Trump administration announced a rule that eliminates the Obamacare birth
control mandate. This mandate allowed 62.4 million women access to
contraceptives by promising complete insurance coverage for all forms of birth
control. Without this law in place, Planned Parenthood is the only place for
millions of women to acquire contraceptives.  Lastly, if the organization did not offer
abortions, many women and teenagers would have to resort to extremely dangerous
and life threatening at- home abortion treatments such as coat hanger abortions
and back alley abortions. (sentence) Some
citizens want to shut down the organization because they don’t want to pay for
other people’s healthcare. However, many low- income women have to rely on
welfare to provide for their unexpected children. It would cost the tax payer
even more money to provide for the unwanted child’s education, food, and
healthcare. By shutting down
Planned Parenthood because the agency offers abortions, the government is
denying people safe and vital healthcare for people who have no other way of getting
it, and actually increasing the number of abortions.

Parenthood receives only a modest amount of financial aid, even though research
proves that funding the global cooperation is one of the smartest and most
effective investments. Extreme politicians
led by Vice President Mike Pence and Human Services Secretary Tom Price want to
shut the corporation down by pushing legislation to defund the organization. This
effort would lead to a national health crisis, punishing men and women from all
social classes, hitting people living in rural communities and people of color
the most. Not only would
defunding Planned Parenthood affect many men and women across the globe, but it
would be an especially dangerous threat to the public health of communities of
the United States. In under-resourced communities, defunding would result in
the loss of reproductive and health care services that cannot be replaced by
community health care clinics, leaving Planned Parenthood patients with no
other health care options. In fact, more than 20% of the countries where
Planned Parenthood health centers operate have no other health care providers
who serve impoverished patients in their region. Shutting down the organization
would punish innocent people who can’t provide healthcare for themselves. Planned
Parenthood is a great monetary investment because of the positive impact it has
on the global community, and shutting it down would deeply effect society,
leading to larger populations and disease rates.

For over a century, leaders Planned Parenthood,
with the help of private supporters, have fought loudly and strongly for the
millions of people who rely on them each year with help of their supporters. 


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