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Early contribute towards the headway of any country.

Early marriage is a big violation of human rights of young girls. It has an adverse effect on mental and physical health of the girl. Significance and scope.  Marriage is the most happiest  event in persons life. Throughout the world marriage has been viewed the as the time celebration if it happens during adulthood but not during childhood.  Early marriage is the custom of marriage in which a girl marry to boy at very young age the age probably less than 18 -20. Early marriage is important amongst other social issues in Sub-landmass all things considered and Pakistan particularly. Early marriage is for the most part seen as Child marriage. It occurs in various areas of Pakistan which fuse Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Early marriage isn’t only a social issue to be tended  rather it impairs the overall population encouraging to the hindrance in widely inclusive change of a country. In light of early marriage, a young woman is prevented from claiming the basic benefits of a person which consolidate the benefit to preparing, prosperity, economy and socialization. Females constitute an essential bit of our overall population and fantastically contribute towards the headway of any country. Today, half of the dedication in various divisions in Pakistan has been starting from the females. Shockingly, a wide  number of young women of  the country over fall a straightforward prey to this testing issue of early marriage realized by unprecedented poverty, absence of training and dormant and steady standard traditions. This training is generally revealed in the commonplace locales while those living in urban areas have the care about direction, prosperity and distinctive parts of life which constitute a fundamental bit of survival approaches in the overall population. Along these lines, irrelevant or no to less masses of urban social requests give off an impression of being gotten in the web of this social issue. It is being viewed as the basic component of reliability of the overall population according to the normal standpoints regardless, this implied social affiliation altering part at last prompts to the aggravation, dejection, non appearance of instruction, high passing rates, unhygienic conditions, social shakiness, sexual introduction differences and various distinctive significant issues.After the marriage the new family put pressure on girl to do things the she doesnt wanted to do. Her husband forced her to get into sexual activity to have kid soon but she is not prepared mentally and physically. Sometimes situation become so complicated that it leads to death of a girl in future when she got premature pregnancy. The poverty could be the reason behind doing early marriages in poor families because the can  feed their child and have much resources so they marry their girls to older man to clear their debts or by receiving money from that men.The other reason could be the pride of the family because there are some people who think if they married their young girl they will save the honor of their of their family only in that case. They have a fear that their girl might not lose her virginity so to save from this situation they married their girls beforehand. One of the reason of early marriage is discrimination of gender. There are some societies where men have more power and young girls are the victims of their violence they are so young that they can’t raise their voice against their men they blindly follow them this happens because of lack of education or awareness. They can’t do things that they wanted to do. This situation leads them to mental distress.Research questions:What is the situation regarding child marriage in Pakistan ?How does this form of violence affect specifically the lives of the girls in those communities?What is the reason behind doing early marriages in Pakistan?


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