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Evaluate same with differentiating their products and services

LensCrafters’ operations strategy and explain how the organization seeks to
gain a competitive advantage in terms of sustainability.

is a business that seeks the satisfaction of making customers happy.  This company uses a differentiation strategy
that caters to many different customers with different needs and wants. “An
organizations ability to use differentiation refers to its potential to offer
unique products and service to the market when compared to other firms
producing a similar product” (Strategy, 2010).  Just as a teacher has to
differentiate their teaching strategies for each type of learner in their
classroom, LensCrafters’ does the same with differentiating their products and
services offered to customers. In order for the company to stay competitive with
other companies, they have to continue offering great service and products that
are appealing to everyone and not just a certain demographic.  Their products and services appeal to older
and younger people. The company offers customers 30 day guarantees for their
products or you can return them, very good doctors, and an onsite lab that
offers a one hour service.  Offering a
service where you can have a 30 day unconditional guarantee where the customer
can return or exchange if you do not like the glasses, if they break, or if you
want something at a cheaper price, gives customers peace of mind in knowing
that you are paying for something that you truly want. This approach helps the
company to have a competitive advantage as well as sustainability.

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how operation management activities affect the customer experience. Select 2
operation management challenges and provide the solutions for confronting them.          

management strategies should, therefore, be developed with an aim of attaining
customer loyalty through quality, dependability, and speed. (Kumar, 2011) Studies
have shown that in order for customers to return, they must have a positive
experience while they are at the company. 
Customers have to feel as if they are being offered products that are of
good quality and price.  They want to be
comfortable with their purchase and not walk away regretting the purchase or
unsure whether or not they want to return the product because of
uncertainties.  Speed is also a very
important strategy for companies to ensure. 
Customers want a process that is quick but not being rushed and not a
time-consuming process that takes hours. 
They want to be taken care of in a timely manner.  Challenges in operation management are the
company keeping up with relevant products through operations research and making
sure that customers can depend on Lenscrafters’ having high quality products
through supply chain management.  In
order for customers to have products that appeal to them, the company has to
constantly do research on new products and services.  The company also has to keep up with new
trends that are constantly coming about in the technology driven society.  Not keeping up with new and trending products
will cause the company to become less popular with customers.  Another challenge was the quality of products
and services through supply chain management. 
There are numerous LensCrafters’ across the United States and it is very
important that all of the chains have the same quality of product being
sent.  They have to be sure and send
products according to customer demands. 
The more the demand, the more product will be needed at that store. So
making sure that the stores have enough product for the demand of customers and
not just inventory for the store because that would be a waste of product and
funds if they are sending large amounts of products to stores that do not need
it or send not enough to stores with high demand.  Everything has to be coordinated to eliminate
chaos at the stores.  When customers always
have the product they want, they are more likely to be happy with the services
rendered at that time and will likely be a customer that will return to that

LensCrafters’ value chain and evaluate its effectiveness to operations in terms
of quality, value creation, and customer satisfaction.

            According to Collier and Evans, LensCrafters is an
optical chain of about 860 special service shops with on-site eyeglass
production capabilities in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico (Collier
& Evans).  With so many stores, the
company has a good reputation of having a good quality products, value
creation, and high customer satisfaction. 
The company has made these three things priorities for each
location.  It is important for the
effectiveness of the company for them to have high quality products and
services.  Having services like eye
examinations, payment plans to fit most customer’s financial situations, and
protection plans for the products that are sold at the stores are ways of
showing customers good quality products. 
As far as value creation, a 30 day unconditional guarantee is given to
all customers in case they are not happy with the product that they are offered
up to 3 months after their purchase. 
Customer satisfaction is based on the customer’s experience each time they
go to the business.  This is determined
from the service received in a timely manner and if the product they are trying
to purchase is in stock.  Also how the
customer is treated during their time in the business helps to increase customer

the different types of performance measurements that can be used to measure
LensCrafters’ service-delivery system design. 
Select at least two types that can be applied and provide justifications
for the selection.

two types of performance measurements that can be measured are service quality
and customer growth.  Service quality is
key in getting repeat customers.  It is
an important performance measure for LensCrafters’ service-delivery system
because an important part is providing customers with good quality exams and finished
eyewear.  If LensCrafters gave low
quality exams, that would deter repeat customers and deter any new customers
that would come about with good quality exams. 
The company would not be successful and would be seriously harmed.  Customer growth is an important measurement
because without the returning customers and new customers being attracted, the
business would not continue to have sustained success as it is today in the
competitive market. 

the different types of technologies applied to LensCrafters’ service operations
and evaluate how the technologies strengthen the value chain.

service operations include numerous types of technologies.  In order to provide precise eye exams and
offer one hour service to finish eyewear, LensCrafters’ has to have reliable
technology in place for customers.  First
customers visit with the doctor and they examine the customer using the
Clarifye exam which is a new digital eye exam that lets the doctor gather five
times more information about your vision and eye health (LensCrafters,
2018).  They also uses the Snellen eye
chart to assess the customer’s vision proximity.  A keratometer is used to measure the
curvature and reflection of a customer’s corneas. Next, the customer picks out
the frames and they are custom-fit with Accufit to make sure the prescription is
in place in the glasses. When specialized eyewear is required, Lenscrafters’
will send the prescription off to another site where they have a facility with
more advanced technologies.  Once the
glasses are finished, they will be sent back by a promised date or time.  


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