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Ice bones that held him and lower body

 Ice Mountain climbing is a treacherous sport where a person climbs mountains filled with crevasses and other traps which can hurt or kill someone, and This is because most of the traps are covered in snow and ice.  To be a mountain climber a person has to be athletic because to climb mountains, it takes lots of upper body strength. A person needs perseverance because there will be many obstacles a person have to overcome. A person finally needs good judgment because one wrong step and someone can die or get injured.A person needs to be athletic to be a good climber because a person needs to climb and walk great distances, so if a person is not in shape, they will never be able to climb a mountain. As it states in paragraph 6 of What is Mountain Climbing? By Stewart Green “Looks can be deceiving. The mountains are filled with danger and drama. Lightning strikes can stab out of a clear sky. Thunderstorms quickly form and drench you with rain and sleet. Rockfalls And avalanches sweep down mountain faces.” this means there are many traps and other problems that can occur on the icy mountain so a person needs to have upper another example is from boy and a man “His teeth were clamped the cords of his neck bulged, the muscles of his arm felt as if they were being drawn one by one from the bones that held him and lower body strength to get through the problems and get to the top of the summit.  This also shows that when a person sees a problem and someone is stuck and a person wants to help him, he needs to be strong to hold his weight but also the other person’s weight.In mountain climbing a person also need perseverance  because  in a quote by  Stewart Green “Mountain climbing is all about challenge and perseverance, about putting hands and feet on rocks and ice and snow and finally reaching a summit.” this quote from Stewart Green shows that mountain climbing is not all about athletic ability, but it is also about mental strength and how a person deals with the situation at hand and reacts to it by persevering and getting through the obstacle. Furthermore, In the video from CBS news about a man falling into a crevasse and trying to get out with broken bones, it says John All says he was so close to death that they had to drag him onto the helicopter. (1:32). In the video, he states he had broken ribs and a broken arm, and he still climbed up the crevasse. This shows that a person always needs to push forward even when a person sees the impossible in mountain climbing or real life like John All did with his painful experience up the crevasse. This is why a person needs perseverance when mountain climbing because if they don’t, and they are in a situation where a person needs to get up and out of the position and don’t have the perseverance to get out that person will not be very successful.  Finally, in mountain climbing, a person needs to have good judgment. As it says in the article by Stewart Green “they must have good judgment and common sense to stay not only safe but alive.” and he also says “these climbers risk life and limb to thin air, frostbite, bone-chilling cold, hypothermia, avalanche, and high wind to reach some of the world’s highest summits like the 14 mountains in Asia that rise above 8,000 meters.” and he states “To climb these mountains, mountaineers must be competent in both rock and ice climbing techniques; able to understand snow, glacier travel, and forecast weather.” This shows a person need to take precautions. It also shows that a person needs to take it one step at a time and not get scared of the task at hand. A person also needs to see where they are going and watch out for problems and act quickly when they are in trouble In conclusion, 25 people have died on Everest. This is probably because they did not use the critical steps to survive on a mountain. Overall a person needs perseverance like John and how he climbing up the crevasse and athleticism like Rudy and help someone who is much more significant and still helped up while still holding his ground, and finally right judgment like the teams in Survival Alaska to make it safer and quicker to climb any mountain whether it be big or small. This is what a person needs to be a safe and efficient while climbing up the mountain. 


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