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Jaja that undermines confidence. Father Amadi, then again,

Jaja breaks with his faith now. His scrutinizing of the Bible’s
illustrations has reverberation in his own life. The treatment of the child by
the father relates to the manhandle endured because of Papa too. Father, and
his confidence, is truly and allegorically dead to Jaja now.

Papa utilizes his confidence to
legitimize mishandling his kids. Religion alone isn’t to be faulted. Papa
speaks to the flood of fundamentalism in Nigeria that undermines confidence.

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Father Amadi, then again, is an African cleric who mixes Catholicism with Igbo
customs. He trusts that confidence is both more straightforward and more
perplexing than what Father Benedict lectures. Father Amadi is an advanced
African man who is socially cognizant yet impacted by the provincial history of
his nation. He isn’t an ethical absolutist like Papa and his God. Religion,
when employed by somebody delicate, can be a positive power, as it is a major
part of Kambili’s life. 


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