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Maths different sciences. It was surprising to see

Maths is more than just numbers and logic, it is a universal language that is known to many but even so, it is not always easy to comprehend. To me, however, I see it as a long-term relationship that requires commitment and dedication, which is why there wasn’t a doubt that I would choose maths for A-levels. I wanted to maintain and build on my logical thinking and being to critically analyse a situation. As well as that, I began attending the UCL lectures so to see and understand how maths can play a huge role in all the different sciences. It was surprising to see that even in the topic of Oceanography, which was a subject that I believed to be random and mostly based on predictions, surprisingly had mathematical patterns that were being observed for years just to see how the ocean’s currents move around the globe. I was also fascinated by the latest data collected by CERN and from the large hadron collider and the false patterns began occurring over the years when accelerating the atoms towards each other. This made me realise that patterns were everything in terms of research and by working on a project, I hope to create and understand more about patterns.   


I definitely would benefit from a research experience, as I want to understand how the knowledge and ideas gained from a textbook can fit together like puzzle pieces when physically put to work and how the research process works in its entirety. I also want to further improve my ability to analyse and interpret data, to use pieces of information and connect the dots independently. Working in a team is also something I want to gain more experience on as engineering is a field that requires leadership and good communication skills and with the help of this experience, I will get the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and express my ideas and my perspective on the project at hand. I need to be able to recognise if engineering is the career path for me since it demands technical understanding and persistence both of which I wish to enhance and progress on and through the research experience I will gain some insight and self-confidence to do what I am passionate about in the future.

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Having completed NCS, I have learned to take responsibility for myself and be an active member in a team especially in the team-building exercises where I learned to interact with new people and successfully complete all tasks before the time limit. As a team, we were able to overcome fears such as rock-climbing up a vertical flat rock and learning that time management is an essential part of working in a team especially when the schedule began at 5 am. I decided to take it upon myself to make sure that all the other members of my team were ready and equipped. I was also able to build on my communication skills by putting myself forward to be the leader of the communication team and by doing so, we were reaching out through social media for the volunteering charity that we were partnered with. I am also able to work independently and self-motivate myself to meet goals so to meet deadlines and keep on track.


I hope that I can be able to build on my leadership skills and speak confidently in a team and to see how a project can be different or similar to working on experiments in school. I want to be able to see the world of engineering from a different perspective.










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