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Nurses are members of interdisciplinary health care teams

Nurses are members of interdisciplinary health care
teams that promote patient’s health, prevent disease, restore and maintain
patient’s health integrity throughout lifespan. This makes it a rewarding and
interesting career. There are definitely certain characteristics and qualities
relevant to nursing profession which are Compassion, caring for others,
selflessness, love for humanity, and desire to help others. In my years of
experience as a certified nursing assistant, nursing field as a whole requires
dealing with patients one-on-one. It requires professionals selflessly serving
the need of the patient’s and putting their needs above one’s needs.  Genuine love for humanity and paramount
desire to help others comes from having compassion and selflessness in order to
have a successful career.

Nursing is
an exciting, challenging adventure that demands a lot of time, sacrifice and
discipline.  Patience and calmness are
very paramount in nursing because of the stress level related to this job.
Since I was a child, I have always loved medical shows and everything related
to medicine, this has guided my calling into the profession of nursing.
Entering this profession require adequate competencies to move in accordance
with the advancement occurring in the profession.  Enrolling in this course (psychology) further
improved my understanding of how illness and disease changes patient’s mental
status and how to promote positive thinking and attitude in patients. This will
in turn decrease the amount of time spent in the hospital and healthcare system.
According to Licht, 2017, Psychology is the scientific study of
behavior and mental processes. This
behavior includes anything we do from eating, hanging out, bathing, dressing,
sneeze etc. And the mental processes highlights the cognitive portion of
psychology. This paper will look at four main concepts and how I intend to use
them in the field of nursing

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growth and Development
and Health

Psychological Disorders.

Human growth
and Development- Nursing is a profession that incorporate  holistic care 
and provided a direct guide to adequate knowledge, skills judgment and
attitude to practice safely treating child, adolescent, adult and geriatric
population. Children develop differently at the cognitive, social and moral level.
Development is the behavioral aspect of growth and the ability to a person to
adapt adequately to the environment.  Hence the application of growth and
developmental principles is relevant in the area of pediatric nursing practice
and if used appropriately, can meet the needs of hospitalized children and
their family.

Since the most
important part of the job of nursing is to promote the wellbeing of their
patient, it is imperative for nurses to regularly supervise and manage quality
of care provided to patient across the stages of development. Whatever stage of
life a nurse has an encounter with an individual it si imperative for a nurse
to understand the health needs of the people they work with and also change
their behaviors, thoughts and feelings to enhance their well-being. Presently,
current psychological research and theories enhances nursing practice to
provide adequate care to individual across the development stages of life.

According to Litch, 2017, learning is defined as a relatively permanent
change in an organism’s behavior or thoughts as a result of experience. It is
fundamental to everything organisms do. I will focus on classical and
operant conditioning/learning and how it relates to nursing. Classical
conditioning is by association whereby a stimulus produces a response. This
type of learning was created by Pavlo (1849-1936) , he experimented with a dog
and he realized that pairing or associating stimulus and food, salivation will
be produced,(Litch, 2017). Then he related this to human beings too and he
realized it produced same response. Hence he called it stimulus response theory
of learning. This formed the building block of learning. Another form of nursing
is Operant conditioning learning which focuses more on learning via reward. This
can be seen in all humans. It was originally developed by Thorndike (1874–
1949) but Skinner (1904–1990) went on to expand on it. Both learning types is
categories under behaviorism which focuses on observable aspect of learning.  This will help nurses to think critically, observe
their patient intently and facilitate excellent therapeutic relationship with
the patients in order to meet the holistic needs of the patients.

Personally,  the most interesting topic
in psychology that relates to nursing is the stress and health topic. In as
much as nursing is a rewarding career, it is equally associated with substantial
stress and pressure from dealing with co-workers, patients, family members and
doctors, which leads to professional burnout. Burnout can lead to bitterness,
anger, depression, physical illness, substance abuse and many more. According
to Litch, 2017, stress is the state of mind and our response to an environment
event which is the stressor is very crucial. Stress is a stimulus that provokes
unfavorable response in us. In my years of working as a CNA, I have come to realize
that many do not take good care of themselves in terms of coping with physical
and emotional stress, as much as the care they provided to patients. Suresh, Matthews & Coyne, 2012stated that stress is
the emotional and physical response one experience when there is an imbalance
placed between demands and resources at a times.  This means that stress occurs when one is
faced with a situation that is challenging for one to cope with. Importantly, a
nurse needs to know the signs and symptoms of stress which could range from
major health crisis such as heart attack, CHF to more minor symptoms like
tiredness and disrupted sleep patterns. It is important to recognize the early
symptoms before it escalates into more dangerous situation. As a nurse, it is
very important to have coping strategies in order to  address stress level, promote healthy living, change
our thinking positively in order to promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

According to Jimenez, Martinez, Osorio & Vacas Diaz, 2010 stated
that even nursing students are put under considerable amount of stress in their
clinical period which puts their education and health in jeopardy. A cross
sectional study was done with 357 students from all 3 years of nursing diploma program
at a Spanish nursing college and data was collected over an 8-months period in
2004-2005. The findings of the article itemized three stressor types of
stressor was found-clinical, academic and external of which clinical stressor
was a more intense than the academic or external stressor. Prior to the first
year of nursing school, all student were healthy, by the second year, most of
them were vulnerable to somatic and psychic anxiety. In my view, I feel very
anxious and stressed with most of my classes right now which are just pre-requisites.
Generally, nursing is a stressful job and if the stress in nursing school or
career is not properly managed, it can lead to serious problems such as  depression, isolation, high blood pressure,
lack of self-confidence and job satisfaction, hatred for the profession and
decrease in their qualification. Hence it is of great importance for every
nurse to find a coping strategy that works effectively. Some of the causes of
stress in nursing school or career are demands of clinical rotation, difficult preceptors,
patient work load, care about patients, difficult managers and coworkers,
noises, lights etc. in the conclusion of the article by Jimenez & et al. 2010,
excessive workload requires the attention of the hospital managers to provide a
framework for possible intervention for improving the clinical environment for
nurses. This will intron help nurses to ease develop and practice intervention
to relieve stress as a nurse and also as a student.

In conclusion, the last concept which
is psychological disorder is a complex topics and must be addressed carefully. According
to Litch, 2017, there are 6 ways of identifying psychological disorder which are
unusual behavior, faulty interpretation of reality, personal distress, self-defeating/dangerous
behavior and socially unacceptable behavior. In retrospect, anger, bitterness
and sadness are some of the symptoms of stress and job burnout in nursing,
hence this makes both nurses and patients vulnerable to psychological disorder.
Hence it is important to treat this topic with respect because of its sensitive
nature. For example, anger is a temporary psychological disorder where by who
losses one’s identity due to stress, confusion or insecurity. It can be exacerbated
by workplace stress if not properly addressed. Nursing will always be a   challenging and burdensome especially with the
demands of patients and the challenge of working teams, this can lead certainly
 to substance abuse such as cigarettes, alcohol,
frustration, bouts of anger, which will invariably affect the productivity and
health  of a nurse. Solution lies in the
combination of institutional, societal and individual approach. Certainly, stress
is a constant think in the health care system  no matter the sector you work, however if
nurses are well rested, healthy and have job satisfaction, this  will improve patient’s outcome and overall
quality of care. 


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