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EMBRYO frozen semen for the past several decades.

EMBRYO TRANSFER IN CATTLE  Artificial Insemination has allowed genetic process to be achieved relatively, quickly through the widespread and efficient use of frozen semen for the past several decades. Genetic programmes were limited to male side for genetic contribution because cows could relatively produce only one calf in one year. Today due to the advancement […]

The items under generation by Space Age Furniture Company are tables and cupboards to hold microwave broilers and transportable TVs. The creation and gathering of these decorations pieces is prominently the indistinguishable regardless of the way that they are made in various sizes and with assorted highlights. two of the items have a segment (no. […]

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 This article is about the risk management practices of SME in context to south Africa. SMEs operates in same environment like larger counter parts but without human resource and adequate capital . The SME success involve numerous and various barriers. SMEs confront increasing rivalry pressure , globalization , legislation and technology advancement. The SME owner- […]


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