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We maintaining sidewalks and amenities within cycling distance

We are in the
eye of the storm of massive change that is why organizational survival requires
the relevant marketing scan as a stepping stone to conduct a more extensive
SWOT analysis. This environmental scan summarizes the reviews of John Henry
Bikes which is located at 100- 400 Brooksbank Ave. North Vancouver across from
Park and Tilford shopping centre. As compared to others John Henry Bikes engaged
to review a variety of models in the market.

The direction
and goal of the company is to provide comfortable and fun riding through proper
maintenance and repair of their mountain, road and city bikes. By keeping in
mind all the six external forces they design their bikes by understanding the
rider’s body position with unique models, making better from the competitors,
and be economic by following proper laws and regulations.

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To maintain
physical and mental health Vancouver government start maintaining sidewalks and
amenities within cycling distance to promote healthy behaviours through
bicycles. The target market of John Henry bikes are children, youngsters and
people over fifty years because they are active, and interested in traveling and
new experiences. According to the surveys, households with the annual income of
$40,000 were more likely to walk or use bikes to ride on streets due to traffic
as compared to the households with the income of $120,000 or more. To promote, Norco
John Henry Bikes they start weekly mountain and group rides to attract more


The most
significant trends are health and fitness that’s why people are more concerned
and they want to buy bikes. With the growing market people want to use the same
bike both for recreation and work purpose which delivers fast, efficient and
comfortable ride. Moreover, the material for the bikes should be lightweight, which
pedals up hills easily, comfortable seat designed as per the body positions
which make these bikes more durable. Also, obesity is the great concern in
North America so cycling is the good form of exercise to burn fat. Furthermore,
issues of growing traffic will encourage people to use bikes to commute. For
instance, the Hybrid and Electric bikes makes people life easier with e-bike
system which provide the amount of pedal assistance that makes ride enjoyable
in any situation.


In a competitive
world, there are numerous types of products available in the market so the
major competitors of Norco Henry Bikes are Obsession Bikes, Stead cycles,
Different bikes, Suncoast cycles, and many more. However, Obsession Bikes are
major threat to Norco bikes because both have same number of employees that is
43 but different in terms of revenues. For instance, Norco Bike have the
revenues of $ 4.3M as compared to this Obsession bikes earn $12.6M. The
difference is the use of technology, customer service, like no flat tires for a
longer period of time. Whenever, the obsession market is slow then the Norco
bikes have to take an opportunity in this trend to increase their market share.


With the passage of time, there
is a lot of improvement shows in the technology of bikes also. They
manufactured the new bikes which is light weight, durable and made with new
strong material which is totally different as compared to the old ones and it
allows the operator to experience a more comfortable ride. These bikes are very
virtuous and people like it. That’s why the sales of bikes are continuous to grow
every year. Moreover, most of the people prefer bikes to go from one place or
another or to do some exercise. So, cities are working on the infrastructure
improvements to reduce the barrier for commuters on two wheels. They make
greenways, building bikes path and launching the bike sharing program for your
safety, comfort and convenience. Furthermore, to remind the people they designed
the educational operations to share the road.


With the changes in economic
conditions, the prices and demand of these bikes goes up and down. John Henry
bikes should be aware of its competitors in the current economic state. They
know how to increase the sales but sometimes with the inflation their business
expenses such as rent, utilities and cost of materials are increased which they
used for the production to convert their goods into the finished goods. At this
situation, they have to rise the prices of their goods to maintain the business
situation and their revenues. Due to all this the demand of their product will
be decreased because people can afford that much.


Our first priority is to follow
the rules and regulation. They have to recognize the signs and signals of the
city where they live because it is for their own safety. Talking about a Vancouver,
it is must to wear the helmet and use a white headlight and a rear red light
after dark as it was the law of the Vancouver. 
Moreover, in some highways the cyclists are not allowed and also they
have to take care of the speed limit on the shared pathways. At Night, they
have to wear the bright clothes which will help them to become more visible for
others. This rules are made for the all ages group people so they have to
follow it. If any person break the rules which are accomplished by the
government then the person have to pay some penalty.


Business environment is dynamic
because the elements of environment keep changing. Technological changes are
frequent as taste and preferences changes with the passage of time. Moreover,
the demographic factors which includes population size, income levels and so
many opportunities and threats which company 
has to take into consideration. Further, Government rules and
regulations, economic factors like income change to cope with the changing environment.

Therefore, the success of a
business today depends only on the ability to foresee the environmental changes
and trends to take the opportunities, and then makes changes which are appropriate
for the internal and external environmental to survive in the competitive edge. 


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