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While from proven psychological interventions. Dr. Tate incorporates

there are a lot of considerations and issues at play, psychological factor has
indeed exposed as an undeniable component that is ruling the main core of our
life, either within or without our own conscious. Our construct towards this
beautiful world are mostly dichotomy, not always rigid, but just because of it
human got to deal with those high and low tides of our life using different and
exclusive end of mind-set. When people talk about right and wrong, there are
certain questions that remain vague as individual differences exist.

is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour, which encompasses
multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of studies such as human
development, sports, health, clinical, social behaviour and cognitive
processes. (McLeod, 2011) It is a kind of helping profession that benefits
social by issuing, predicting, and preventing various types of behaviour and
mental complications. Among recent trend, Dr. Deborah Tate, who is a health
psychologist in USA, focuses her research on improving weight-loss strategies
and explores ways technology can help more people benefit from proven
psychological interventions. Dr. Tate incorporates medical technologies, which
is regular health assessment, and psychological elements, such as stress level,
to help people understand the key of behavioural changes in their lifestyle and
how it influences one’s biological adjustment. (“Dr. Deborah Tate, Health
Psychologist”, n.d.) It means a new trend of psychological profession is coming
in our way and there will be many unpredictable chances of collaboration
between fields happen in the future.

the development of psychology field, there are some controversial and debatable
key issues that have been questioned by professions and different viewpoints
are hold which stirs a trend of discussion among psychology society. Among
those issues are “nature versus nurture”, “differences versus similarities”, “free
will versus determinism”, and many more. From one of the topic, the controversy
between individual differences and universal principles is how much of our
behaviour as a consequence of our unique and special qualities, and how much of
our behaviour is universally human? (Aikoli, n.d.)  People living in this parallel time span are
connected with the biological machinery of feelings and emotions. That’s why
the author, Connor Franta, once said in his book about a sixteen-year-old can talk
with a sixty-year-old and find common ground as human somehow crossed path with
similar experience of emotion tide in life. Although we may have been living a
totally different lifestyle, having an exclusively different life experience,
and end up having an entirely different sensation and perception towards the
world, we happen to share the 6 basic emotions labelled by Paul Ekman, which
are anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. Often I heard other
people saying how their days going and how much distress or upset they’d been
through, it is often not hard to synchronise with them based on certain degree
of experiences although we’re not directly being in the same situation. There
are also times when I found out when we, between friends, accidentally said the
same word at the same times as we’re sharing the same thought and emotion right
then, coincidentally. Many things happen to be like we’re all emotionally
linked to one another, just that the intensity of it is another side of the
story as there are individual differences between each one of us. In another
word, we’re all similar in the radical roots of living, and each of us branches
into the clouded sky in many different shapes and sizes.

about “free will versus determinism”, the determinist approach proposes that
all behaviour is caused by preceding factors and is thus predictable, while
free will is the idea that we are able to have some choice in how we act and
assumes that we are free to choose our behaviour. (McLeod, 2013) At certain
times, I, as a third party watching an argument going on, especially between
family members or someone who has certain degree of close relationship, it
always happen to seem unnecessary, rebellious and circle around the same things
like trust and responsibility, but once you’re into it you’ll find out that it
is not people who’re directing the argument, sometimes it is the argument
holding the controller and leads people towards a more clouded situation. This
kind of situation happens to be “simplistic thinking” or “polarization”. Intensification
of the conflict is the likely result, as simplistic thinking and polarization of
thought push the participants to view their alternatives as being limited to
victory or defeat, leading stereotyped responses and increase defensiveness.
(Raimo Väyrynen, 1991) It seems like the tense atmosphere took the main
decision, leading the cognitive state of the person unable to do rational
thinking, people started using “I” as subject more often in sentences and blur
statement keep popping out. That’s when determinism happened to appeared as a
rather important and inevitable role in every person’s life.

psychology is now becoming a growing potential that may leads the society into
the light, more and more professionals are engaged to maximize the potential of
this field. The procession of growing must be showered with a lot of debatable controversy,
and hence for it to build stronger base of knowledge and contribute the
beneficial part to the society and the future generation.


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